A Recipe for Disaster

At the University of California Berkeley, the Campus Republicans society has organized a bake sale. While this may not seem like top news and you may be wondering whether the cookies they baked were oatmeal raisin or chocolate chip, it is not in the cookies that the issue lies. The club, led by Shawn Lewis, is protesting California’s recent step towards legislation that would allow colleges in the state to consider race in their admissions process.

So, obviously the Campus Republicans’ most logical first step was to bake away their dislike for the legislation and sell their goodies to the masses. But, for an interesting price per good.

The pricing structure is as follows: $2.00 for white males, $1.50 for Asian makes, $1.00 for Latino males, $0.75 for black males, and $0.25 for Native American males. All females get an additional $0.25 discount from their respective race.

My general thoughts on this are as follows. First off, does this mean Native American females get all of their baked goods for free? If so, this is a) very “un-Wharton-like” and b) wouldn’t you run out of cookies?

I understand that all the society is trying to do is bring media attention to the issue. I really do. I commend them for trying. But a bake sale? This is bringing attention to Berkeley, to the Campus Republicans, and to the students but it’s sorely missing the entire legislation. No one is discussing whether race should be considered in the admissions process. Everyone is too busy talking about whether the society is allowed to have this bake sale, whether this is ethical, whether they’ve lost their minds, ECT. There is nothing about the actual question at hand.

Next time, I recommend the Campus Republicans put away their baking mittens and take out a pen and paper, write down their concerns, and voice them properly WITHOUT making the whole situation seem like a joke. That way, they might actually be able to achieve change (not EARN change for selling their cookies).

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