The BBC is Falling Down

Though those involved in the recent Sandusky sex scandal were limited to a specific sports team within Penn State, the reputation of the entire school was tarnished by the tragedy. After events like these, the negative repercussions radiate outward from the epicenter until the entire system is affected. This becomes a large problem when the system involved in such a tragedy is as monumental a cultural staple as the BBC.

Now, a full year after the death of the children’s entertainer and British TV staple, Jimmy Savile is actually making international headlines after investigations into his alleged pedophilia have resulted in the arrests of two other famous British entertainers (Freddie Starr and Gary Glitter). Although it had been suspect (and in Glitter’s case, known) that some of the men were attracted to children, all three of these cases in addition to an alleged cover-up by the BBC come together to cast doubt upon the integrity of the corporation.

The allegations had been made against Savile as early 1973, when the boss of BBC Radio 1 at the time made a personal investigation into Savile’s predilections, although nothing official ever came out of that. Many other people had their suspicions in later years, but those also led to zero action. This has led to two investigations being carried out by the BBC to find out why a BBC Newsnight investigation into Savile’s repeated abuses was never aired and a general evaluation of the corporate culture in the BBC at that time.

And in a truly unlikely turn, a coworker of Savile’s has come out as saying that the childrens entertainer was also a necrophiliac who would visit a nearby hospital to abuse the dead and near-dead. The NHS trust in charge of Leeds Teaching Hospital has said that that particular rumor is not true and “owes more to Mr Savile’s fantasy life than reality.”

These revelations will continue to affect the standing of the BBC. Possible legal ramifications should a cover-up be proven to have taken place aside, the public opinion of England’s most famous media corporation has been drastically lowered. What happened at Penn State reflected on the culture of one college. This scandal reflects on a nation’s culture.

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