Weekly Recap – November 18th to 24th

A Clinton-less Administration

This week marks the last foreign tour of Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. After four years in President Obama’s Cabinet, Secretary Clinton stated she will not return to the position in the new administration. She capped off her foreign visits with a visit to the Middle East to help broker a peace in Gaza. Her term has suffered the blame of the riots and storming of the US Consulate in Libya earlier this year, but was also lauded for her efforts to improve US relations with India, China and many other countries.


Ceasefire in Gaza

On Thursday a ceasefire was enacted in the Gaza area after a week of violence between Israel and Palestinian militants. The peace was brokered by Egyptian President Mursi, with some assistance and guidance from the US. Israel is to cease hostilities, and restrictions on Gaza residents are to lessened. While maintaining their support for Israeli sovereignty and its right to defend, President Obama put pressure on the nation to stem violence and accept the accord.


The first next-gen console

Nintendo released it’s next-gen console the Wii-U last week, being the first manufacturer of the big three (Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo) to do so. The console is based around the new mini-tablet like controller that  they believe significantly changes gameplay, along side it’s ‘Mii’ community model. However, the lack of motion sensing, and the fact that only one tablet can link up to a system at a time  restricts the advancement offered by the new console.


A Secret Hanging

Pakistani terrorist Ajmal Kasab was executed by hanging in secret last week in a jail in Pune India. Kasab was the last surviving attacker in the 26/11 attack in Mumbai in 2008 that leaved over 150 people dead, and devastated the nation. He had written a clemency to appeal his execution sentencing, though was denied earlier this month, leading to his execution. Many Indian were comforted with closure for what is seen as a crime against the nation.


Congolese Upset

Rebel fighters of the M23 movement captured Goma, a commercial hub in the Democratic Republic of Congo. Critics accuse UN Peacekeepers of idling by, while rebels intent on overthrowing the government, with clandestine support from Sudan and Rwanda, push on. Now the Congolese government and the rebels are locked in a round of negotiations in Kinshasa.


 PSY > JBiebs

This week saw Korean pop sensation Psy have the most watched video in Youtube history, beating out Justin Bieber’s Baby. With over 820 million views, more people have watched Gangam Style than any other video, proof of the song and dance that has swept through the world.


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