Weekly Recap – Feb 18th to 25th

What's inside....?

The Blade Runner Can’t Run

Last week Oscar Pistorius, lauded last year as the first double-amputee athlete to compete in the Olympic games, was accused of murdering his girlfriend. The South African runner pleaded not-guilty in court, claiming that he mistakenly shot his girlfriend – model  Rena Steenkamp, believing there was an intruder in the house. He was subsequently released on bail later that week.


Hacking Chinese Style

Last week American security firm, Mandiant, released a report linking a slew of hackings back to a Chinese military unity. PLA Unit #61398, allegedly linked to the hacking group ‘Comment Crew,’ has come under scrutiny for breaching security protocol for many large international firms including Coca-Cola. Coming on the heels of allegations that the New York Times – one of the world’s most widely read newspapers – suffered a hacking earlier this month does not put China in a favorable position. The Chinese government commented simply that the accusations were unprofessional. This now puts the PRC under greater scrutiny in the international arena.


The Dash-Cam Meteor

A meteor crashed in nearby a town in the Russian Urals this past week. The 7,000 ton piece of chondrite rock traveled at a speed near to 40,000 miles an hour. Creating a burning bright like as it fell to the ground, the event was recorded only by a multitude of dash-cams across the region (one of which linked below). The meteor itself exploded above the surface, and send debris flying, causing over a thousand people to seek medical attention, primarily in the town of Chelyabinsk.


PS4 – Not just Games

In tech, last week Sony announced its Playstation 4 gaming console. The second console of this generation to be announced – the first being the un-popular Wii-U – Sony is packing betting big on this new console. Packing it full of new features including a touch-pad on its controller, the ability to stream games, and new Kinect-like motion camera. Alarmingly, the actual console was not shown, and most essential features, such as the online store, game play and any specific release date was not revealed. Some may view this simply as a way to put pressure on Microsoft to announce their new Xbox console.


The New Castro

Raul Castro, successor and brother to previous president Fidel Castro, has named his successor in the Cuban leadership; Miguel Diaz – Canel, an engineering professor and communist was named Vice-President this past Sunday. This signifies a major change in Cuba, as he is the first civilian to rise to such a position in this regime.

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