PowerPoint: Not Just for Classrooms

Fill in the blank: College is the time to ____________. Likely answers include: drink a lot of beer, build up your resume, get a decent summer internship. I bet none of you would have said learn how to make a PowerPoint presentation. We’ve all made one and probably complained about it in the process, and our professors love making really text-heavy ones that no one can feasibly read through during lecture. Maybe we’ll use them later in our jobs, hopefully we won’t. Well attention, everyone: PowerPoints aren’t just for college and the office anymore. On October 15th, Iran’s foreign minister, Mohammad Javad Zarif, gave a PowerPoint presentation in Geneva to the P-5-plus-1 countries (read about it further in my previous blog post!), laying out a timeline for future relations between Iran and the six countries. The timeline began with confidence-building measures and ended with a final deal. Furthermore, the presentation laid out a foundation for future negotiations: Iran demanded recognition for its right to enrich uranium as well as easing of economic sanctions in return for limits on its program. After years of conflicts over Iran’s nuclear program, it appears a turning point may be have been reached. Whether negotiations turn out to be successful remains to be seen. What is clear, however, is miscommunications and misunderstandings between Iran and the P-5-plus-1 countries might one day start World War III. Hopefully, Zarif’s PowerPoint skills are up to par.


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