About the Consul

The Consul was the brainchild of the International Affairs Association’s Publication team in 2010. The IAA wanted to provide a platform for Penn undergraduates to voice their opinions on topics in international relations in an unconventional and natural setting. After producing the Consul as an online journal for over a semester, it was decided to bring it to the Penn community as a combination blog and print magazine in November of 2011.

This year, we have had the pleasure to work with an incredibly creative team of columnists and editors from all different majors and backgrounds. With the help of this team we have put together a vibrant and diverse publication that should be both insightful and informative. We have blogs posted every week, with featured articles once-a-week, and a print magazine once per semester. I, as well as the rest of the team, look forward to hearing your comments and feedback!


–  Jacob Cohen, Editor-in-Chief, The Consul

Contact Jacob at theconsul@penniaa.com


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