Moving Forward in Afghanistan: The Taliban

Though 2001 marked the end of the Taliban’s tyrannical rule over Afghanistan, their influence has never fully ceased. Twelve years later, the Sunni Islamic extremist group has considerable influence over Afghanistan’s post-war future. As American troops withdraw and power is handed over to the Afghan National Security Forces (ANSF), the question remains: Will the Taliban continue down the path of violence and insurgency, or will they attempt to be part of the political process? Insurgency on th...

Detroit: How to Drive Forward

Photo credit: Reuters
Hopes Unfulfilled From setting foot in the Detroit airport, one would never know that one had just arrived in the largest bankrupt city in American history.  The floors are well-waxed, airport workers stand conversant even late at night, and a terminal map boasts an impressive array of restaurants, bars, and shops that even includes upscale suit merchant Brooks Brothers.  In one terminal, LCD screens advertise national accolades awarded to an airport concessions management team; in the other is...

Global Cloud Computing Atlas: From Amazon to Snowden

  Imagine you need to conduct a complicated calculation or run a storage consuming program, but you don’t have such capacity on your own laptop. Fortunately, instead of investing in a better machine or driving to a highly equipped laboratory to complete your job, you can simply connect to the “cloud” through the internet – send your data and request to the cloud database, have it computed or run, and get the result sent back to you. What, you may ask, is this convenient but mysterious clou...