Occupy WallsTweet

Twitter has often been renowned as one of the best tools for protestors of the modern era. It allows large groups to coordinate, spread information and ideas, and get a message out to a vast number of people very quickly. It was credited with helping Arab Spring protests in Egypt[1] and Tunisia[2], and was even used to assess the effect […]

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Censored China crumbling?

China censorship

Censorship increased on social-networking websites in China in the wake of the fall of Bo Xilai and the torrent of rumors about his decline. On popular Chinese websites like Weibo, a Chinese equivalent of Twitter, words relevant to the political incident and any conspiracies surrounding it were banned after speculative discussions had surfaced among bloggers. The recent escalation in online […]

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Hard Drives in Hard Times

Have you shopped for a hard drive recently? If you have, then you might have noticed that prices are suspiciously high. For a long time, the price per gigabyte of storage has been dropping steadily. At one point, a terabyte hard drive, which had been joked about only a few years prior as being an “excessive” amount of space, could […]

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Bootleg Your Copy of SOPA, Today!

Wikipedia Protest

Imagine having been assigned an insanely obscure paper in a history course: Research the whereabouts of ex-President Kwame Nkrumah of Ghana and his relationship to sociologist Edwin Chadwick; trace their family lineages. How do they relate to the current economy in America? Afterwards, explain whether topographical changes may affect the psychological health of current citizens affected by their research.” Determined […]

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Assembling the Future: The Rise of Smart Manufacturing

A landmark ruling by the World Trade Organization recently has recently found China to be guilty of protectionism. China’s export quotas on nine raw materials, such as zinc and bauxite, gave its domestic manufacturers an unfair advantage. China has frequently been criticized for its currency control policies as well as its failure to honor its 2001 pledge to stop export […]

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Redrawing the Map

In the world of scientific research, the Falkland Islands are larger than Canada, and France is larger than Russia. The most impressive of all is China, which dwarfs the entire continent of Africa. As seen in a density-equalizing map created by World Mapper, the global distribution of growth in scientific research is extremely disproportionate. The disproportionate distribution of scientific research […]

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Pulling the Plug on Social Media

Earlier this week, the State Administration of Radio, Film and Television in China called for a sharp reduction in televised entertainment programs and an increase in the surveillance of virtual political heresy. The proposed measures would diminish the already limited social media in China. Censorship has become a trademark of domestic policy in China in the recent decades, which is […]

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