While US Tightens Sanctions, North Korea Continues Unfazed

On Tuesday, President Obama signed an executive order imposing even more sanctions against the DPRK for its continued violations of the six-party talks. In response to these and UN sanctions, Kim Jong-Un ordered nuclear missile tests to come in the near future. Today, North Korea also announced that American Otto Warmbier has been sentenced to fifteen years of hard labor. […]

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Let’s Talk Turkey: The Real Problem Brewing in Syria

While American foreign policy pundits are focused on ISIS as the toxic byproduct of four years of the Syrian Civil War, there is a much more important issue developing. As more international actors join the fray in Syria, tensions between some of the world’s largest militaries are escalating at an alarming rate. On one hand, we have the Russia/Iran axis […]

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In Which Putin Plays Hide and Seek

Well, Putin’s missing. No one has seen him in about a week. For whatever reason, this is not exactly surprising. It would not be hard to imagine the American government devolving into a Rand Paul-led self-parody were Obama to disappear for ten days, yet the average reaction to Putin’s absence seems to be a darkly amused, “Yeah, that sounds about […]

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Weekly Recap – Jan 26th to Feb 1st

Bombing in Turkey

Change of Cabinet For his second term, Barack Obama is re-shuffling his cabinet, with the key positions of Secretaries of State and Treasury being altered. In place of Hillary Clinton, Senator John Kerry, arguable one of the most experienced and qualified in the Democratic party for the job, will be taking over. Today Clinton submitter her resignation, allowing Kerry to […]

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Syria: Is It Time for the US to Intervene?

The civil war in Syria is rapidly spinning out of control, with no end in sight. The body count has now surpassed 30,000, and the cease-fire that was agreed upon has not stopped the toll from rising. Furthermore, Syria’s relationships with Turkey and Russia continue to worsen, and the violence risks spreading into Lebanon. Syrian stability is in the U.S.’s […]

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