"Who goes Nazi?" — A reflection after 71 years

I was recently sent an article from the August 1941 issue of Harper’s Magazine, written by Dorothy Thompson, titled “Who goes Nazi?”[1] The article, written shortly before the United States’ entry into World War II, details the sort of person who, as the title suggests, would “go Nazi” if given the chance. Ms. Thompson drew on her experiences living through […]

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Egypt's Broken Revolution

Egypt has had quite a tumultuous year. The Arab Spring protests of 2010 ignited the ire of the Egyptian populace, with first hundreds, then thousands, then hundreds of thousands gathering to protest the regime of then-President Hosni Mubarak in January 2011. The movements were hailed in the West as progressive and democratic, with much of the revolution Tweeted, rather than […]

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Natural Gas Discoveries Add Fuel to the Cypriot-Turkish Fire

The island of Cyprus in the eastern Mediterranean has been the site of heated confrontations since the time of Alexander the Great.[1] After gaining its independence from the UK in 1960, the island was wracked with conflict between ethnically Greek and Turkish Cypriots. The Turkish minority, formerly spread out in various isolated communities, came together to settle on the North […]

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